Beech slabs are known for strength, density and subtle grain patterns.

Beech wood slabs have a light, reddish-brown colour with subtle grain patterns that will complement any decor. Due to its uniform texture and straight grain, beech wood a great choice for carving and turning.

The fine texture of beech planks makes them a great choice for both traditional and contemporary projects. Beech slabs are heavy and hard, making them suitable for flooring, making furniture and building stairs.

Beech slabs are a popular choice for cabinetry due to their durability and natural resistance to decay. Our Beech timber is carefully selected for its premium quality and unique character. Each piece created from beech is unique, featuring the natural variations in grain patterns that make it so desirable.

Our beech timber is kiln-dried to ensure stability and reduce the risk of warping, cracking or splitting, ensuring that you receive a piece of wood that is ready for use. We supply beech slabs to woodworkers, builders, furniture makers, kitchen designers and DIY enthusiasts.

Spalted Beech

Spalted beech wood is when fungus grows on dead or fallen trees, creating an attractive pattern within the tree trunk. It can take between two to three years for the timber to reach the perfect spalted stage. Once the wood is cut and kiln dried, the fungi spores become inactive.

Waney Edge Beech

Waney edge beech, also known as live-edge, is created when the natural edge of the wood is left intact. Waney edge beech slabs can be used to create stunning table tops, breakfast bars or shelving units. Visit our Customer Projects page to see some of our customer’s unique timber creations.

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We offer a wide range of thicknesses and widths to suit your needs, whether you are building a piece of furniture, making cabinetry or laying flooring, making beech slabs a perfect choice for your next project. Order yours today and experience the beauty and durability of beech wood slabs for yourself.

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