Live Edge Wood Applications

Live edge wood retains the natural, irregular and organic shape of the tree it was [...]

Species Spotlight – Sycamore

Spotlight on Sycamore slabs Sycamore wood is light to medium-brown in colour, with a finely [...]

The Elephant Timber Guide to Timber Care

At Elephant Timber, we can supply you with locally sourced unique timber slabs. These are [...]

Species Spotlight – Yew

Spotlight on Yew wood Due to its exceptional strength, flexibility and elasticity, yew wood was [...]

The Elephant Timber Guide to Storing Wood

We stock a range of stunning live edge wood that is ideal for creating terrific [...]

End of Life Tree Trunks

As experienced tree surgeons, we come across many end-of-life tree trunks in the course of [...]

The Elephant Timber Guide to Protecting Wood

Protecting wood correctly will not only enhance its natural beauty, it will also increase its [...]

Species Spotlight – Elm

Spotlight on Elm wood slabs There is a long history of using elm in woodworking [...]

Species Spotlight – Beech

Spotlight on Beech Planks Beech wood slabs are reddish-brown in colour with a subtle texture, [...]

Oiling and Waxing for Durability

Once you have ordered a beautiful slab of wood from us and used it to [...]