Unique characteristics in every kiln dried slab

At Elephant Timber, we know how to bring out the unique characteristics in every kiln dried live edge plank. Each of our wood slabs is hand-picked for its natural live edges and beautiful variations in grain patterns.

Our kiln dried slabs are perfect for a wide range of projects. This is because we have honed our storing and drying process which makes our wood stable, reducing the risk of warping, cracking or splitting.

Our Process

We have perfected our timber treatment process to prevent any movement in the finished pieces. With zero returns and a complete lack of any quality issues since we commenced trading in 2016, we believe this is testament to the professionalism of our process.

We attribute the unique quality of our kiln dried slabs to our storage and drying process:


  • Each carefully selected piece of timer is cut into planks.
  • We use battens to separate each piece.
  • We place a simple rain cover over the top of each stack of wood.
  • To aid the air-drying process, we allow the wind to blow through the wood.
  • The planks are stored outside in our yard for up to three years.
  • When ready, the planks are placed into our drying kiln.
  • A slow, low heat removes the last of the moisture from the timber.
  • The wood remains in the kiln for 8-12 weeks.
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Our Kiln Dried Slabs

Once our drying process is complete, our kiln dried live edge slabs are ready to be sold. All our wood slabs, listed in our online shop, are perfect for woodworkers, furniture makers and DIY enthusiasts who want high-quality wood with natural beauty, warmth and character.

We offer our kiln-dried slabs in a range of thicknesses and widths to suit your project needs. They can be supplied in a rough sawn state for further finishing, or we can plane and sand them to a smooth finish.

The key to longevity when using live edge wood is sanding, sealing and oiling. We recommend you finish your live edge timber with two coats of a quality timber oil, such as Osmo oils. There are many different oils available, depending on the finish you wish to achieve. We are happy to discuss which oil would be best suited to your personal preference.

Delivery and Packaging

For regular sized pieces of timber, we are able to offer a door-to-door overnight courier service. The delivery cost for each piece is calculated and displayed at the point of checkout at our online shop.

When purchasing longer pieces of timber from our online shop, your delivery cost will vary depending on the size of the timber, the type of delivery and the delivery address. Please use the contact form at the point of checkout at our online shop so that we can produce a delivery quote.

Visiting Us

If you would like to see our kiln dried slabs before you buy, please visit us at our timber shop. Our normal opening hours are Monday-Friday 07:30 – 17:00. Please contact us on 07941 034 822 to make an appointment, as we are not always based in the workshop. Out-of-hours or weekend appointments can be made by arrangement.

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