Turning waste trees into distinctive hardwood slabs

At Elephant Timber we source our trees locally. We promote responsible forestry practices by carefully selecting timber from our own tree surgery business, based in the heart of Sussex. This method of harvesting reduces our environmental impact and ensures that all our hardwood slabs are sustainable. For our hardwood slab prices, please visit our online store.

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What are hardwood slabs?

Hardwood slabs are created by slicing a cross-section of the tree trunk from the entire length of the tree. The result is a single, wide piece, or slab of wood that retains the natural shape and character of the tree. Each slab is usually between 24-54 mm thick and is a perfect cross-section of the inside of a tree, revealing the tree’s unique grain patterns, knots, and other natural features, making slabs highly sought after for their aesthetic appeal.

Hardwood trees are known for their dense and durable wood, making them ideal for woodworking and furniture making to create tables, countertops, benches, shelves and mantelpieces with a rustic or natural look.

Kiln dried hardwood slabs

All of our timber is kiln dried to prevent warping or cracking over time. Before going into the kiln, our timber is left to air-dry naturally outside in our yard. After at least three years, we place the timber into our kiln to be dried for around 8-12 weeks. Once the drying process is complete, the ends of our hardwood slabs are removed, as these are liable to splitting.

Hardwood slabs for sale

We have a range of hardwood slabs for sale in our online store. These include wood from oak, maple, cherry, walnut and ash trees. Our extensive selection of UK grown hardwood slabs come in a variety of thicknesses and widths to suit your needs. Please visit our shop or contact us to discuss your timber requirements.

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