We stock a wide range of kiln dried live-edge wood slabs for you to select from

At Elephant Timber we are specialists in kiln died live edge wood and supply our slabs to trade and domestic customers. Based in Hastings, East Sussex, you are welcome to select here online or come and visit us to immerse yourself in seeing, touching and smelling your perfect piece of kiln dried live edge wood.

Over the years we have supplied our unique kiln dried live edge wood slabs to be made into bespoke wooden table and counter tops and other beautiful pieces that are both individual and beautiful. See the buttons below to view some customer projects or browse our timber shop to source some wood for your own.

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Sustainable kiln dried live edge wood

All of our timber slabs are sustainably sourced, with the vast majority coming directly from our own tree surgery business. Most of our live edge wood comes from trees that have been cut down as a result of being diseased, dangerous, causing subsidence, unhealthy or having outgrown their environment.

Their unique patterns and live edges come from the trees we use being older and sometimes decayed. By purchasing our kiln dried live edge wood slabs, you can help us with our mission – for each majestic tree trunk we cut down to become a beautiful handcrafted item.

Kiln dried live edge

The unique quality of our kiln dried live edge slabs is down to our drying process. We have perfected this over many years of trading. Initially, we allow our live edge wood to air-dry naturally outside. We place a simple rain cover over the top of each stack of wood and use battens to separate each slab, allowing the wind to blow through.

After two to three years of drying in our yard, the live edge wood is then placed in our kiln. Using a low heat to remove the last of the moisture, our slow drying process is used to replicate the wood’s use in a warm house or similar.

Kiln dried live edge wood usually takes 8-12 weeks in the kiln for it to fully dry out, the exact amount of time being dependent upon the type of tree. Once our drying process is complete, we removed the ends of the timber, as these are liable to splitting. Then the slab is ready for your selection and application.

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We pride ourselves on providing a high level of quality customer service. Using our extensive knowledge of live-edge wood, we can help with product selection and provide advice on how to use your purchased live edge planks to create beautiful and timeless wooden masterpieces.

You can select your live edge slab or planks online or please visit us to make your choice in person.

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