Live edge kiln dried timber slabs from the heart of Sussex for you to select.

Drying is the key

We attribute the unique quality of our kiln dried timber slabs to our drying process. We have perfected this process resulting in zero returns and a complete lack of any quality issues, since we commenced trading as testament to this process.

Before placing our timber slabs into the kiln, they are left to air-dry naturally outside in our yard for up to three years. We then place the timber into our kiln to be dried using low heat to remove the last of the moisture and prepare the timber slabs for use.

The amount of time for kiln dried slabs to fully dry out in the kiln is dependent upon the type of tree, usually taking 8-12 weeks. After the drying process is complete the ends of the timber slabs are removed, as these are liable to splitting. You can find a variety of beautiful finished slabs in our online shop.

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Our tree trunks make things of beauty. We can supply your kiln dried timber slabs with a natural live edge, squared or routed.

Our kiln dried slabs are suitable for anyone who wants to create a distinctive piece of furniture, a stunning table or bar top, or an unusual storage unit or bookshelves. We supply kiln dried slabs to interior designers, shop and restaurant fitters, kitchen designers and pub suppliers, event prop companies. Whoever you are, if you’re in the market for attractive, UK sourced timber slabs, we can help.

Come visit us

Because each of our timber slabs is truly unique, whilst you can easily select and purchase online, you can visit us to see, touch, smell and (if you wish to) hug our slabs. Each piece has its own distinctive pattern and shape, so you can choose the perfect slab of timber for your project. If you need a larger piece of timber, such as for a wider table, the slabs can be joined together, often using a ‘book matched pair’.

We are tree people by trade. Elephant Timber branched out from our tree surgery business and the majority of our live-edge timber comes from our arboriculture company. If you have a particular requirement or price point, please get in touch to see how we can help.

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Big Timber Pieces
Big Timber Pieces

Sustainability and local sourcing

We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and supplying a sustainable product. Because our timber usually comes from our tree surgery business, we know it is sourced sustainably. The trees we use are typically at the end of their life. Therefore they are not cut down just for commercial purposes. The age of a tree, and possibly some decay, gives our timber slabs beautiful patterns, perfect for creating timeless pieces with character and beauty.

By sourcing all of our timber slabs for kiln drying from nearby forests in Sussex, we can ensure that “wood miles” are significantly reduced. We also ensure that all other elements of the trees, which remain after creating our slabs are used sustainably.

Please choose the kiln-dried slab or slabs you would like from our online shop here or visit us to make your selection in person.

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