Big wood slabs from beautiful tree trunks

Our wood slabs are ideal for creating distinctive pieces of wooden furniture. Whether you are a furniture maker, an interior or architectural technician, kitchen designer, or looking to create your own bespoke piece, we can help. Our clients use our live edge and sustainably sourced large wood slabs to create beautiful tables, bars and desk tops, kitchen counters, coffee tables, shelving and even musical instruments.

Our mission is for each majestic tree we source to live on as a handcrafted item that you love. Choose from our extensive range of UK grown wood slabs, including the rich grain of cherry, the rustic live edge of vintage oak, the mellow shades of elm and the distinctive pattens of walnut.

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Drying process

We attribute the unique quality of our large wood slabs to our drying process. Once our carefully selected timer is cut into planks, we store them outside in our yard for two to three years. Using battens to separate each piece and placing a simple rain cover over the top of each stack of wood, we allow the wind to blow through the wood slabs, to aid the air-drying process.

In the next phase of the process the large wood slabs are kiln-dried. We use a slow, low heat to remove the last of the moisture and prepare the timber for use. The time taken in the kiln is dependent upon the type of wood, typically 8-12 weeks. We have perfected our drying process to prevent any movement in the finished pieces, our zero returns and complete lack of any quality issues, since we commenced trading, is testament to the professionalism of four process.

Carl with large Table Top ready timber
Costa with large Table Top ready timber


We are committed to promoting responsible forestry practices, reducing our environmental impact and supplying a sustainable product. That is why we carefully select timber from our own tree surgery business. By sourcing all our big wood slabs from nearby forests in Sussex, we can ensure that every piece we use is sustainably harvested and “wood miles” are significantly reduced.

We can supply you with unique wood slabs for you to create pieces of furniture that will provide character, beauty, timeless pieces.

Please select from our online shop or come visit us to select your wood slab or slabs for yourself.

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