We are specialists in live-edge wood slabs and planks

Each slab or plank of our live edge wood is unique, with its own distinctive pattern and shape, which is why they are used to make beautiful furniture, unique bar tops, stunning dining tables, individual office desks and attractive kitchen worktops etc.

We supply live edge wood slabs and planks to furniture and stair makers, kitchen designers and manufacturers, as well as those looking to create their own bespoke wooden piece. Our live edge planks are individual and beautiful, and the resulting products are something to be very proud of.

Our live edge wood slabs planks can be prepared, planed and sealed as required. All our timber is sourced sustainably, with a high proportion coming directly from our own tree surgery business. We have large stocks of live-edge wood for you to select from, either by viewing our store on-line or visiting us in person.

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Beautiful sustainable tree trunks

All our tree trunks are locally sourced, therefore, our “tree miles” are significantly reduced, making all our products sustainable. Because our trees have mostly been cut down as a result of being unhealthy, diseased, dangerous, causing subsidence or having outgrown the environment they are in, their aged and sometimes decayed nature, is what gives our live edge wood the beautiful and unique patterns. Our mission is for each majestic tree trunk we cut down, to become a much-loved handcrafted item.

You can choose from our extensive range of UK grown live edge wood slabs, including
Ash, beech, cherry, elm, horse chestnut, vintage oak, walnut and yew.

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Care and prepare

Caring for and preparing your live edge wood. Sanding, sealing and oiling is key to longevity.

Our live edge planks can be supplied in their natural rough sawn state, for further finishing by you, or alternatively, we can plane them to a smooth finish, suitable for fine sanding and sealing. We recommend that we apply a sanding sealer before despatch, to prevent any moisture transfer, either into or out of the wood, in transit and storage.

To achieve a smooth finish, your live edge wood will need further sanding using a variety of sandpaper grits, reducing in coarseness, as you sand, down to a 120 grit as the last treatment. We also recommend finishing your wood with an application of two coats of an oil/wax combination.

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We pride ourselves on providing a high level of quality customer service. Using our extensive knowledge of live-edge wood, we can help with product selection and provide advice on how to use your purchased live edge planks to create beautiful and timeless wooden masterpieces.

You can select your live edge slab or planks online or please visit us to make your choice in person.

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