Our live edge timber

We offer unfinished live edge slabs of timber in a range of thicknesses and widths to suit your needs. Our locally sourced and meticulously kiln dried timber can be used to create exquisite, live edge woodworking. Choose from a selection of timber from UK grown trees, including beech, ash, elm, oak, maple and walnut.

In our online shop, we offer some of the most beautiful pieces of characterful timber, including unique book matched wood pairs and live edge slabs, perfect for creating handcrafted tables, countertops, pieces of furniture and bookshelves.

Our preparing wood services

We have perfected our timber treatment process to prevent any movement in the finished pieces. With zero returns and a complete lack of any quality issues since we commenced trading in 2016, we believe this is testament to the professionalism of our process.

  • Rough cut live edge wood: our timber can be supplied in a rough sawn state for further finishing by you.
  • Planing live edge wood: we can plane your timber for you. This involves removing a thin layer of wood from the surface of the slab to create a smoother finish.
  • Sanding live edge wood: we can supply your timber fully sanded. We use a coarse grit sandpaper to remove any rough spots, then a finer grit to achieve a smooth finish.
  • Sealing live edge wood: we can treat your timber with two coats of OsmoPolyx-Oil, a high-quality oil and wax combination. 

If you wish to treat your live edge slab with epoxy resin, we stock it in a variety of pigment colours, perfect for tables with a ‘resin river’. Where two live edge slabs are joined together by epoxy resin resembling a river.

Kiln-drying process

All of our timber slabs are kiln dried to prevent the wood from splitting or cracking. 

We have perfected our process over many years of trading. Initially, we allow our live edge wood to air-dry naturally outside, then we place a rain cover over the top of the wood and use battens to separate each slab, allowing the wind to blow through.

After a few years of drying in our yard, the timber is then placed in our kiln. We use a low heat to remove the last of the moisture. This usually takes 8-12 weeks in the kiln for the timber to fully dry out. Once our drying process is complete, we remove the ends of the timber, and the slab is ready for sale.

Visit our shop for a range of live edge slabs that celebrate the raw beauty of wood in its most natural form.

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