From beautiful tree trunks to bespoke tables tops

Waney edge timber, also known as live-edge timber, refers to slabs of wood that retain the natural, irregular edge of the tree from which they were cut. We source our waney edge wood trees locally, from carefully selected timber from our own tree surgery business. This method of harvesting reduces our environmental impact and ensures that all our waney edge timber is sustainable.

What is waney edge timber?

Waney timber is cut in a way that preserves the outer contour of the tree, including the bark and often some of the sapwood. The characteristics of beautiful waney edge timber include irregular, unprocessed edges of the trees, which vary in shape and may include curves, indentations and irregularities. In some cases, the bark of the tree may still be attached to the edge of the waney timber, adding to the rustic and natural appearance.

Waney edge timber is prized for its unique and individual appearance and it often showcases the natural grain patterns of the wood and can be used to create furniture, countertops, shelves, tables, benches and desks with a rustic or organic look.

We typically cut to maximise the usable wood from a tree trunk, which means waney wood can vary in thickness. The live-edge of the waney timber adds character and uniqueness to each piece, as no two sections are exactly alike. This is why it is commonly used in woodworking and furniture making to celebrate the beauty of the tree’s natural form.

Finishing waney wood

When using waney edge wood to create bespoke pieces, sanding, sealing and oiling are key to their longevity. Our waney timber pieces can either be supplied in their natural, rough sawn state for further finishing, or we can plane them to a smooth finish, suitable for fine sanding and sealing. To achieve a smooth finish for your waney edge creation, we suggest you use a variety of sand paper grits, reducing in coarseness down to a 120 grit as the last treatment.

We have a range of waney edge wood in our online shop. Please get in touch if you need help with product selection and timber advice. We pride ourselves on delivering quality customer service.

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