At Elephant Timber our wood planks come in different sizes, thicknesses and wood species, including ash wood planks, beech planks, live edge cedar planks, oak timber planks, elm wood planks and more.

Our large wood planks are locally sourced, kiln dried and can be supplied in their natural rough sawn state for further finishing by you, or we can plane them to a smooth finish, suitable for fine sanding, sealing or staining.

Wood planks are versatile and can be utilised for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Construction of framing, flooring, roofing, and other structural elements. Also used as joists, beams, stud and sheathing in building projects.
  • Wood planks are widely used for crafting furniture, cabinets and shelves.
  • Large wood planks are a popular choice for flooring materials. Hardwood planks, such as oak, are often chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Treated wood planks can be used for outdoor decking due to their resistance to decay and insects.
  • Live edge wood planks can be used in interior design for accent walls, ceilings and decorative features. The natural beauty and character of the wood will contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Wood planks need to be properly finished and treated to enhance their durability, protect against moisture and to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Finishing options include staining, varnishing, oiling or painting, depending on their function and your desired look.

Locally sourced live edge wood planks

We concentrate on supplying wood that has been grown in the East Sussex area. We do not import any wood from overseas, and we are proud to say that our wood planks come from trees felled due to ill health, storm damage or because they have outgrown their intended space.

Our large wood planks are available in a variety of species, each one has its own unique characteristics, making them perfect for different applications. Our wood planks all come in a range of thicknesses and widths to suit your project needs.

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Whether you are planning on using your wood planks to build a staircase, shelving, table, bar top or furniture, our extensive range is bound to inspire you.

We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service. Using our extensive timber knowledge, we can help you with selection and provide advice on which wood planks are best for your needs. Visit our online shop to order your wood planks from us and start creating your next masterpiece.

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