Species Spotlight – Ash

Spotlight on Live Edge Ash Wood Slabs

Ash tree slabs are typically light to medium brown in colour, sometimes with a reddish or golden hue. Ash is known for its straight and attractive pronounced grain and relatively smooth texture, making it easy to work with using both hand and machine tools.

Live edge ash wood slabs are suitable for making furniture and shelving units, creating stunning dining tables, coffee tables or countertops and, because of its ability to withstand heavy use and its natural resistance to decay, ash wood is ideal for making sports equipment and tool handles. Additionally, ash is known for its steam bending properties, so it is often used for items that require curved or bent wood.

Ash wood has a moderate to high density, making it strong and durable. Ash wood is relatively abundant, and thus makes it a cost-effective choice for your next woodworking project.

Our Live Edge Ash Wood Slabs

Our live edge ash wood slabs are carefully selected for their straight and consistent grain patterns. Our storage and drying processes ensure that all of our ash tree slabs are resistant to the risk of cracking, splitting or warping. We offer a range of varying widths and thicknesses to suit your next ash wood project.

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Whether you are a furniture maker, woodworker, DIY enthusiast or kitchen designer, our timber will help you to create visually striking pieces that celebrate the organic and irregular shapes of live edge ash.

We have a selection of ash tree slabs in our online store, or come and visit us in person at our workshop on the Sussex coast.

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