Tree Species Selection

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Are you wondering which wood is best for what use? Are you conflicted between a rich slab of cherry and a piece of distinctive cedar?

We are Tree Trunk Specialists

The team at Elephant Timber are expects in knowing which wood you should use for your project. We can provide advice on the use of timber pieces, how to prepare and store the wood and how to care for your finished product.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality customer service and over the years we have supplied many of our customers with beautiful pieces of timber that turn into unique and timeless wooden masterpieces. These range from book matched elm tables and bookshelves made of yew, to an ash computer desk and a guitar carved out of horse chestnut.

Whether you are planning to create a kitchen counter, bench, coffee table or a unique piece of furniture, our range of live edge wood is bound to ignite your imagination. Visit our online shop to see our range of stunning, one-of-a kind wooden slabs.

Our Guide

When selecting your wood for a specific project, you should take into consideration the wood’s hardness, workability, appearance and the environment in which the item will be used, e.g., indoors or outdoors.

To help you choose which wood will deliver the best results, we have created an easy-to-use guide to the typical wood types and their recommended uses. This is also available as a PDF download.

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Using our extensive knowledge of live-edge wood, we can help you with selection and provide advice on how to best use your wood. Order from us today for your next beautifully crafted wooden project.