Which wood should I use for my project?


Elephant Timber supplies unique pieces of live edge wood to individuals who are looking for a piece of wood like no other. We are dedicated to the art of transforming natural wood into stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, tabletops, shelving, flooring and more. Using our locally sourced and meticulously dried live edge wood to create exquisite, handcrafted wooden items will enhance the beauty of any space.

Choosing which tree species of wood is best for your project can be a complex process. We are on hand in our workshop to offer expert advice as to which wood you should use for your project, or you can contact us online for help and advice.

When selecting your wood for a specific project, you should take into consideration the wood’s hardness, workability, appearance and the environment in which the item will be used, e.g., indoors or outdoors.

Tree Species Matrix

Below are the typical wood types to select from and their core features.

Below are the typical wood types to select from and their recommended uses.

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Whether you are planning to create a kitchen counter, table, shelving, staircase, flooring or a piece of furniture, our range of live edge wood is bound to ignite your imagination.

Elephant Timber Supplies provide a high level of quality customer service. Using our extensive knowledge of live edge wood, we can help you with selection and provide advice on how to best use your wood. Order your live edge wood from us today and start creating timeless wooden masterpieces.

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