The Elephant Timber Guide to Protecting Wood

Elephant Timber supplies unique slabs of kiln dried live edge wood. The organic edge makes it perfect for creating a wonderful selection of beautifully crafted tables, kitchen countertops, shelving, desks, benches, headboards, doors and fireplace mantels. 

Our kiln dried slabs can be used to create stunning timber pieces that are perfect for woodworkers, furniture makers and DIY enthusiasts who want high-quality wood with natural beauty, warmth and character.

Protecting Wood

Protecting live edge timber is essential to maintain its beauty and durability. We know from years of experience that sanding, sealing, and oiling your wood correctly is key to longevity. There are many different types of wood protectors to choose from, depending on the finish you wish to achieve. 

Using a wood sealant or a clear wood preserver as a protective coating will seal and protect the wood from mould, mildew, insect damage, dirt and stains. Wood sealants and clear wood preserver penetrate the wood fibres and form a transparent or semi-transparent barrier that helps to prevent water penetration, UV damage and decay, while allowing the natural colour and grain of the wood to show through.

We recommend you finish your live edge timber with two coats of a quality timber oil, such as Osmo oils. Osmo Polyx-Oil is a hardwax-oil blend that is versatile, durable, and easy-to-apply. Please read our Protecting Wood Guide for a full list of finishes available and how best to apply them.

Get In Touch

We are specialists in live-edge wood. Please contact us if you require advice on preparing and protecting wood, and advice on how to care for your finished product.

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