Preparing timber for staining

At Elephant Timber we can supply you with unique pieces of live edge timber slabs and wood planks for creating exquisite, handcrafted wooden items that will enhance the beauty of any space. Our team is experienced in the art of transforming natural wood into stunning tabletops, bespoke shelving, unique pieces of furniture and more.

Our timber is locally sourced, meticulously kiln dried and can be supplied in its natural rough sawn state, for further finishing by you, or alternatively, we can plane it to a smooth finish, suitable for fine sanding, sealing or staining.

Preparing Wood

Preparing a slab of live edge wood or planks of wood correctly will enhance the natural beauty of the grain patterns and increase its durability. From experience, we know that sanding, sealing and oiling your wood correctly is key to longevity.

Before commencing your next wood project, read our complete Guide to Preparing Wood.

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Whether you are planning on building a staircase or shelving, creating a stunning wooden bar top or a bespoke piece of furniture, our range of wood is bound to spark your creativity.

Elephant Timber Supplies provide a high level of quality customer service. Using our extensive timber knowledge, we can help you with selection and provide advice on how to best prepare your wood. Visit our online shop to order your live edge slabs or wood planks from us today and start creating your wooden masterpiece.

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