The Elephant Timber Guide to Storing Wood

At Elephant Timber, we are passionate about every kiln dried live edge slab we produce. Each of our slabs is handpicked for its beautiful grain pattern and unique live edge. We stock a wide range of stunning slabs from various tree species, including ash, elm, oak, and beech.

We have perfected our storing and drying process so that our wood is stable, with a reduced risk of warping, bending, splitting or cracking. Our kiln dried slabs are ideal for creating terrific table tops, bespoke bars or fabulous furniture.

Best way to store timber

Once you get your beautiful piece of live edge wood home, it is important that you store it correctly. To maintain its quality and prevent any damage, we recommend that you keep it away from any moisture, avoiding direct sunlight. Also, stack the timber horizontally, store it off the ground and regularly check your wood for any signs of damage.

Indoor wood storage is best. However, if you do have to store it outside, cover the wood with a breathable material, such as a tarp or canvas. Read our Storing Wood Guide for further tips and advice.

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We are specialists in live-edge wood. Please contact us if you require advice on preparing and protecting wood, and advice on how to care for your finished product.

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