Species Spotlight – Beech

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Spotlight on Beech Planks

Beech wood slabs are reddish-brown in colour with a subtle texture, straight grain, durability, and natural resistance to decay. Beech is a great choice for flooring, carving and turning, making furniture and building stairs.

Our beech planks are carefully selected for their unique natural variations in grain patterns and we kiln-dry our beech slabs to reduce the risk of warping, cracking or splitting. If you are a woodworker, builder, furniture maker, kitchen designer or DIY enthusiast, you can purchase a range of beech slabs and beech planks from our online store.

Waney edge beech wood has been cut with the natural edge of the tree intact, including the bark. It can be used to create rustic and unique tables, counter tops, breakfast bars, shelving units, artistic creations, sculptures and other handmade items. Using waney edge beech will allow you to create bespoke pieces that celebrate the beauty of raw beech wood.

Spalted beech wood has undergone a natural process called spalting, which occurs when wood is infected by fungi, creating unique and visually striking patterns in the wood. The fungi responsible for spalting create dark lines, streaks and colour variations in the affected areas. This process adds character to the wood, making it highly sought after for creating one-of-a-kind pieces, such as furniture, bowls, sculptures, vases, pens, cupboard doors. The unique patterns contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

Our Beech Wood Slabs

Our beech slabs are carefully selected for their premium quality, unique character, and natural variations in the grain patterns. We have kiln-dried our beech slabs to ensure stability and reduce the risk of warping, cracking or splitting, ensuring that you receive a piece of wood that is ready for use. Our beech wood comes in a range of thicknesses and widths to suit your needs. Order today and experience the beauty and durability of beech wood.

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