Species Spotlight – Elm

Elm Wood with Costa

Spotlight on Elm wood slabs

There is a long history of using elm in woodworking and shipbuilding. Our selection of elm live edge slabs are perfect for creating unique tables, countertops, breakfast bars and shelving. The elm live edge provides distinctive features from the interlocking grain, revealing an appealing texture and natural edge irregularities. Elm wood slabs are pale yellow, light tan and medium to dark brown in colour.

Elm tree trunks make things of beauty

Elm slabs are strong and durable with excellent shock resistance, making them suitable for making robust furniture and heavy-use flooring. The natural knots, swirls and burls add character to elm wood pieces. Elm wood is easy to work with using hand or machine tools and accepts stains and finishes evenly.

Burr elm wood comes from elm trees that have a rounded growth deformity, formed due to stress, injury or disease. It is prized for its distinctive grain pattern, characterised by swirling, interlocking and irregular figures. Burr elm wood can be used to craft stunning table tops, where the unique grain pattern creates one-of-a-kind pieces with exceptional visual appeal.

Our elm live edge slabs are sustainably sourced from the UK and kiln dried to perfection. Whether you are crafting furniture, laying flooring or creating decorative items, elm wood slabs offer versatility and timeless beauty.

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