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Yew wood slabs are a great choice for both traditional and contemporary projects. The timber has a fine texture, a subtle grain pattern, a rich reddish-brown heartwood and lighter-coloured yellow sapwood. All these characteristics add an interesting visual element to any project. Yew live edge wood has the natural bark intact, rather than being trimmed straight.

Qualities of Yew wood

Yew is a heavy and hard wood, making it ideal for creating furniture, flooring and cabinetry. 

Because yew is durable and resistant to rot, it is a great choice for outdoor projects, such as garden furniture and pagodas. It is also a great choice for carving and turning due to its straight grain and uniform texture.

Uses for Yew wood slabs

The slabs can be used by furniture makers to create elegant and durable pieces, such as tables, chairs and cabinets. Yew live edge wood is often used to create stunning dining tables, coffee tables and side tables. The natural edge of the wood adds an organic and rustic touch to the tabletop. 

Yew wood’s strength and stability make it a popular choice for joinery projects. It can be used to construct durable cabinets, drawers and doors. Shelves can also be created as well as unique benches for indoor or outdoor use. 

Yew wood slabs work well as architectural woodwork for applications, such as panelling, mouldings and trims. Stunning countertops and bar tops for kitchens, bars or restaurants can be created from yew live edge wood. The natural edge of the wood adds warmth and character to the space, creating a focal point and conversation starter. Its natural beauty and durability make it a desirable choice for adding warmth and character to interior spaces.

For a full list of the characteristics of yew wood slabs and their uses, please refer to our guide on what wood should I use for my project. For more information on how to prepare your wood, how to protect your wood and how to store your wood, please refer to our informative guides.

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