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Elm is a hardwood known for its durability, strength, and attractive grain patterns. It has been traditionally used for making furniture, wall art, shelving, mantelpieces, flooring, boat building and tool handles. Due to its flexibility, elm tree slabs are perfect for woodturning to create and create handmade bowls, plates, baskets, and other decorative items.

From tree trunks to terrific tables and tops

Our live edge elm slabs are popular for use in interior decor and for making furniture, especially tables, countertops, and shelves, due to their rustic aesthetic. The live edge provides a distinctive and organic touch to the finished pieces. Elm wood often features attractive variations in colour, ranging from light tan to darker brown. The wood may exhibit interlocking grain, giving it an appealing texture.

Live edge elm slabs preserve the natural contour of the tree’s outer surface, including the bark and irregularities, making these pieces of elm unique. When choosing elm wood for your next project, you can leave natural features, such as knots and voids, to enhance the character of the finished product. Or you can fill these voids with epoxy resin for added visual interest.

We stock a range of kiln dried book matched pairs of elm tree slabs that make stunning table tops and breakfast bars, visit our customer projects to see examples of these.

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Burr elm wood comes from the burl growths on elm trees and is characterised by the presence of abnormal growths on the tree, resulting in unique and often highly figured patterns. Burr elm wood is highly prized for its aesthetic qualities and it is used create fine furniture, elm veneers, decorative art and musical instruments such as guitars and violins.

To enhance the appearance and protect your elm wood, it can be finished in various ways, including clear varnishes, polyurethane or OsmoPolyx-Oil that will highlight the natural colour and grain of the wood and provide durability.

For a full list of the characteristics of elm and its uses, please refer to our guide on what wood should I use for my project and for more information on preparing your elm slabs or elm wood planks, please refer to our guide on how to prepare your wood.

Visit our shop to see our range of distinctive elm slabs for sale.

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Elm Breakfast Bar with straight edges 1800 x 500 x 44mm

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