End of Life Tree Trunks

As experienced tree surgeons, we come across many end-of-life tree trunks in the course of our work. These are trunks of trees that have reached the end of their natural life cycle. These end of life tree trunks may have died due to disease, old age, or storm damage. Alternatively, they may need to be removed due to being dangerous, for example, leaning over too much or growing too close to a house. 

While these tree trunks are no longer living, they can still find new life in different forms, such as tree trunk slabs, which can be harvested for timber and used for woodworking projects. The wood from these tree trunks may exhibit unique characteristics such as spalting, burls, or interesting grain patterns.

Before we started Elephant Timber, we would cut up end of life tree trunks for firewood, but we knew they could be used to make so much more. Finding a good use for tree trunk slabs became our passion. Instead of being discarded, these tree trunks can now be repurposed and given new life, contributing to environmental conservation and creative endeavours.

We now supply unique pieces of live-edge timber from end of life trees that showcase the natural edges and variations in the grain patterns. We handpick each tree trunk slab for its unique character and beauty. We mostly supply timber that has been grown locally in East Sussex and we do not import any timber from overseas. 

We are proud to provide our customers with unique pieces of characterful timber and the chance to craft end of life tree trunks into something beautiful. Our tree trunk slabs are available in a range of thicknesses and widths and from a variety of tree species, such as beech, ash, elm, yew and oak.

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